orange county mothers day gift guide

Orange County Mother’s Day Gift Guide 

Part 1

A mother is the most wonderful gift anyone can have. Whether she is a new mom, a seasoned mom, fit mom, working mom or stay-at-home mom, every mom is unique in her own way.

This can make it tough to find that perfect gift for the wonderful mother in your life.


If that special mom in your life is in the North Orange County area, Zianna Wellness & Spa is the perfect place to find something relaxing and special for her.


Lucky for you, we have put together this gift guide series to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for every kind of mom.


In the next weeks leading to Mother’s Day, we will be highlighting a few different types of moms and what gifts would be perfect for them.  In this post, we have the new mom and the seasoned mom.  Check out what we think would be an ideal gift for each of them.


The New Mom

She is expecting or just had her bundle of joy.  Either way, her body is going through a lot and needs some serious R&R (rest & relaxation).  


anaheim hills prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage – Trained therapists help expecting mothers bring relief to their changing bodies.  This beautiful therapy will give the mom-to-be relief from issues such as headaches, backache, fatigue, swelling and stress.





Marine Algae Mud body treatmentDetox and Rejuvenating Body Wrap – The perfect treatment for the postpartum period.  This will help detox any excess fluid retention and rid the body of the stresses gained from delivery.




 night repair serumSpa Technologies Night Repair Serum – This serum is an overnight oil treatment that replenishes skin moisture and speeds up cellular renewal.  It activates lipid production, increases skin elasticity, brightens and improves skin tone.  This serum is just the tool that can have others wondering how she keeps the glow even through the rough, sleepless nights with the baby.




The Seasoned Mom

She’s had experience, the grown up kids to prove it, and might even have grandchildren to play with.  Despite the tough times her children have given her through the years, she’s still there for them when they need help and advice.  

Mother's Day Spa Gift Swedish Massage – This is a nurturing European style massage where light or medium pressure is applied to the whole body.  This relaxing technique promotes lymph movement and increases blood circulation, all while melting the stress away.  She’s done so much for her family, and this massage is just the relaxation she deserves.



beautiful spa lobbyRoyal Spa Retreat – If you’re looking to splurge a little bit more for that special woman in your life, maybe this package will allow you the opportunity to show her she’s extra special.  Featuring the Swedish Massage and the popular Deep Cleansing Facial, not only will this package relax her, she will also feel revitalized and young again.



anti-aging complex Spa Technologies Oxygen Renewal Complex – As Spa Technologies’ greatest anti-aging product, this booster complex is great for all skin types, and delivers results from the first application and long term results with consistent use.  Made with pure ingredients, this complex boasts to brighten complexion, boost cellular rejuvenation, and prevents inflammation, giving her skin more radiance and youth.




These are our suggestions among many treatments and products that are suitable for that amazing woman in your life.


To learn more about our Mother’s Day Specials and many other all-natural treatments and products available at Zianna Wellness & Spa, give us a call at 714-921-3785.

Click here to see our Mother’s Day Specials. 


In the next post, we will feature products and services perfect for the fit mom and zen mom.  Stay tuned!



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