orange county mothers day gift guide

Orange County Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Part 3

So here we are.  The final post of our 3 part Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series!  If you missed the other posts, click here to Part 1 and Part 2 of our guide.


On the last post we talked about  some good gifts for the “fit mom” and the “zen mom.”  Today, we finish our series with the “working mom” and the “stay-at-home mom.” Both do a lot to keep the family together, but they may have some different needs when it comes to finding some balance.  As we explore their different needs, here are some great gifts that might just do the trick in making them feel whole again.


The Working Mom


She’s the mom that has to leave the kids for a period of the day to help with the family’s “nest,” and then comes home to take care of the family’s needs at home.  It may have been a hard day at work, and at times she may be too tired to do some house work.  A simple hug from the kiddos helps tremendously, but sometimes she just needs a little bit more help.  Here’s where we come in…


swedish massageTherapeutic Massage – This is a customized massage that blends deep pressure massage with trigger point therapy and stretching.  Sitting all day in front of a computer or staying on the feet for long periods of time can really take a toll on the muscles of the body.  This massage will help that tired mom relieve the tension that has been built so that she may feel balanced again.



organic spa facial Red Carpet Anti-Aging Facial + Biolift – Make your #1 celebrity feel like a star with this decadent treatment.  This unique facial provides a repairing effect at a cellular level and revives aged or dehydrated skin.  Perfect for the mom that is exposed to the elements or even lacks some sunshine due to being indoors all day.  She will surely feel like a new woman after this treatment!



herbal neck pillowZara Herbal Ease Neck Pillow – Relieve stress, tension and enhance relaxation with this Aromatherapy Neck Pillow. Specially formulated with all natural herbs, this therapeutic pillow offers the benefits of both moist heat and aromatherapy, keys to providing relief from stress and tension.


The Stay-at-Home Mom


This mom has put everything aside to be at home completely for her child/children.  Sometimes, there are no breaks to even go to the bathroom with the demands of a little one. Even if her children are older, she is there at every game and PTA meeting to stay involved with her kids’ education and extra-curricular activities.  It’s easy to say that this mom may not even get enough sleep, especially if she does have a newborn to take care of.   If she could only get one hour to herself, here are some good gifts to give her just that!


relaxing massage orange county

Zianna Zzz’s Ritual – If she is sleep deprived, this might just be the perfect service to give her.  It includes a 50 minute Swedish massage, enhanced with aromatherapy that is meant to relieve insomnia and encourages the brain waves to slow down and relax.  She is then served some hot herbal tea that is infused with natural botanicals that have been proven to be a very effective sleep inducer.



detoxifying body treatmentHimalayan Laminaria Oil Salt Scrub – Because it can be very exhausting to be taking care of the kids 24/7, this salt scrub treatment might help her gain back some energy and balance.  Himalayan salt is used to exfoliate the body to stimulate healthy circulation.  This is followed by a skin balancing and hydrating hair wash with organic shampoo and conditioner.  Laminaria oil is then gently massaged into the body to restore vital nutrients.  This treatment promotes exfoliation, detoxification, and hydration.



pure inventions tranquility extractsPURE Inventions Natural Extracts “Tranquility” – These natural extracts are great way to deliver some calm to the mom who can get stressed and exhausted.  Just add to water, and drink.  It promotes relaxation, may help to calm anxiety, and soothes tension.





There are many different types of moms out there, and we hope that we’ve been able to help you find the perfect gift for her.  These are just a few recommendations, and if you still need some help in finding just the right gift, we are happy to guide you further!  Either come visit us or give us a call at 714-921-3785.


You may also view our Mother’s Day Specials, here.


Either way, we would like to greet all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!  We hope that you get some time to relax and enjoy!



Zianna Wellness & Spa Staff

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