orange county mothers day gift guide

Orange County Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Part 2


So far, we’ve given you some great gift ideas for “the new mom” and “the seasoned mom.”  If you haven’t read the first post of this series, click here to read about the perfect gifts for them.


We continue, now, with “the fit mom” and “the zen mom”.  We are certain some of you have one or both of these moms in your life.  Here’s some great gift ideas for them!


The Fit Mom

She’s the wellness advocate.  She not only keeps up with her fitness, but she also makes sure her family does the same.  Nutrition and exercise are a priority, as well as taking care of the body overall.  


mother's day gift idea Pure Inventions Fit & Slender – Developed by nutritionists and perfected over 11 years, these natural extracts not only taste amazing when mixed in water or club soda, but are a compliment to a healthy diet and lifestyle.  It features green coffee extract and Garcinia Cambogia, two of the most popular weight loss supplements.  Simply drop some in water, and enjoy!




detoxifying body treatmentRoyal Detox – Experience a complete body detox with our unique customized detox package.  This includes a body scrub, mud wrap, lymphatic drainage, and ionic foot  bath or colon hydrotherapy.  After this treatment, your mom will feel fresh and clean from the inside out.




acupuncture in anaheim hills

Therapeutic Massage – This massage is designed to address sport-specific musculature issues and is customized for each guest.  This combines intense, constant pressure along with targeted stretching, this treatment helps to relieve tired muscles and increase flexibility.  If your mom is hitting the gym several times a week, this might just be perfect treatment to help soothe her muscles.


The Zen Mom

She takes care of her mind, body and soul.  She makes sure she has a space to meditate and reflect, and especially needs to slow down every now and then.  


showerspa mistShowerSpa Mist by European Spa Source – Eucalyptus is a nervine, which means it calms the nerves.  Spraying this in the shower, will make it a meditative experience.  Perfect for that Zen Mom in your life.




massage in anaheim hillsReiki – Reiki is an energetic healing technique in which the therapist serves as a channel or conduit for the “Universal Life Energy” (Chi, Prana, Life Force).  This flows through the therapist to the client for healing and cleansing.




Shirodhara Anaheim Hills
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Shirodhara – A steady flow of warm oils onto the forehead stimulates the pituitary gland, or “third eye”, and soothes the nerve endings.  This is one of the most divine therapies, awakening the body’s intuitive knowledge.  A perfect treatment to zen out and allow the mind to let go.







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On our next and final post of this Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series, we will highlight our favorite treatments and products for The Working Mom and the Stay-at-Home Mom.  Stay tuned!

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