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Summer is here, and it’s time to flaunt those beach bods that you’ve been preparing for all Spring!


Spring was a good time to start a detox program so that when Summer comes you are ready to take those cover ups off and splash around at the beach with confidence and sense of well being.  Now that Summer is here, are you ready?  If the answer is “Not really,” and you’ve been working at it, but life got in the way, well we have a few solutions for you.


Because sometimes we need a fix that will help us feel better now, here are 5 treatments you can get at Zianna Wellness & Spa that will surely do the trick.


Himalayan Laminaria Oil Salt Scrub

This wonderful treatment uses Himalayan Salt to exfoliate all the dead skin away, and Laminaria Oil to replenish nutrients and detoxify at the same time. It will literally leave your skin feeling silky smooth, while the scrubbing and massaging of the oil helps to move some lymph around to reduce any lingering puffiness. If that’s not enough, this all happens in our vichi shower room where the body will be washed with 10 showerheads hovering over the body as you relax on the table. A hair shampoo and conditioning done by the therapist is included too!

Marine Algae Detox or Sedona Mud Wrap

In our last blog post, we talked about Seaweed and its numerous benefits.  With the Marine Algae Detox Wrap, you’ll be getting all those benefits including its superpower in ridding the body of toxins, or what we like to call, gunk!  After this wrap, you’ll feel light and tight.  This is especially helpful if you’ve been eating well and exercising, but just can’t seem to get those last few inches off.

If you have an allergy to seaweed or iodine, don’t worry!  We definitely have an amazing alternative in our Sedona Mud Wrap.  Just as detoxifying, and you’ll still get that light and tight feeling.

Bio Energetic Lymph Therapy

This awesome treatment uses a Bio Energetic Lymph machine to help increase blood flow and lymphatic flow to simultaneously remove toxins from the body.  This helps release any of the stubborn cellulite or puffiness left in the body.  It works with the Lymphatic system, which is the body’s waste removal system.  Lymph nodes, when clogged, become clumpy right under the skin’s surface, giving the effects of cellulite.  If you have this problem along with the feeling of sluggishness in the morning, and have visibly puffy eyes, this might be the treatment for you.

Ionic Foot Bath

This treatment pulls toxins out of the body through the bottom of your feet. The ions in the foot bathwater hold a charge that enables them to bind to any heavy metals or toxins in your body. Similar to how a magnet works, the Ionic foot bath works at a cellular level. If you don’t have enough time to do any of the above treatments or don’t feel like removing any clothes for that matter, this might be a good alternative to get those toxins out. It’s only 45 minutes, and it’s a full body detox by way of only your feet!

Colon Hydrotherapy

This therapy is a gentler approach for a colonoscopy preparation and a gentle colon detox and hydration. Many celebrities use this therapy if they need a quick fix for bloat in the belly, but it is also a good way to do a total cleanse of the colon.  This will leave you feeling lighter, and less sluggish.  We suggest you consult your physician before scheduling an appointment. Disposable equipment and 6x filtered water is used.


Can’t choose between these treatments, or you feel like you could use them all for the ultimate detox fix?  Well, if you have the time, in three hours, you can do the Royal Detox and experience a complete body detox!  The Royal Detox includes the body scrub, the body wrap of your choice, lymphatic drainage, and your choice of either the ionic foot bath or colon hydrotherapy.   Now that’s a detox package that’s fit for a queen  (that needs to fit into her ballgown pronto)!


So there you have it.  These are just some of the treatments that Zianna Wellness & Spa offers that can give your Summer body the kickstart that it needs.


Disclaimer:  All results of detox therapies differ from person to person.  These therapies are best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.  Please consult your physician before starting any detox programs or therapies.


If you have any questions about any of our products or services, do not hesitate to give us a call at 714-921-3785.  Our spa concierge is always ready and happy to assist you with your treatment goals.


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