We are here to support you  getting in shape for this coming summer!  At Zianna Wellness & Spa we will customize a unique package of treatments according to your body’s needs.  Starting with a good body exfoliation to let that skin shine,  looking healthy and hydrated, ready for the summer. Also if you need to loose some weight we have a City Infrared Sauna which make you loose 2lb the first session or 800 calories. Emdermologie treatments to reduce those fat cells along with good nutrition. Maybe a body wrap to tone those areas that you don’t feel happy with and of course our Vibration Therapy which takes only 10 minutes to achieve the results of 1 hour of exercise. What about including an awesome customized massage.

Ssssh…. don’t forget your colonhydrotherapy session to help you release all those accumulated  toxins that have been taking your energy away.

I promise, after these customized treatments,  you will feel RENEWED  and with MORE ENERGY.  Ready for this summer and so ready to RELAX * BALANCE * HEAL only @ZiannaWellness #Dayspa.

While we assist you with getting back to a healthy life style for this “coming summer”  here are a few tips which are going to make your transition much easier.✨✨✨

Remember ‘Healthy Mind In Healthy Body’.

Call us for a free consultation and your first treatment.   You will be eligible to participate in our Rewards Card program.  Every 5 treatments you get 1 treatment FOR FREE!

See You Soon!

Your Zianna’s Team

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