4 Top Benefits to a Prenatal Massage

Your body goes through some incredible changes when experiencing pregnancy. And with those changes, your body might experience some pressure and pain throughout the nine-month term. That’s where Zianna Wellness & Spa can help – our prenatal massages are therapeutically beneficial to you as your body undergoes these changes, but ..Continue Reading

5 Ways a Massage Can Improve Your Health

Many people think that getting a massage is just about relaxation. While relaxation and relief are some of the perks associated with a massage, these treatments can offer more health benefits than you might think. Zianna Wellness and Spa offers a wide array of massages and treatments for you to ..Continue Reading

Take Care of Your Skin with a Zianna Deep Cleansing Facial

Are you looking to revitalize your skin? Then it’s time to stop by Zianna Wellness and Spa in Anaheim Hills! One of our most popular therapy treatments is our deep cleansing facial. It rejuvenates the skin and is part of our holistic spa approach to revitalizing your mind, body, and ..Continue Reading

New Season, New You – Fall in Love with Zianna’s Massages and Facials

The fall season is officially here – the leaves are starting to change, kids are back in school, and the holiday season will soon be upon us. And, with the change in seasons comes an opportunity to revitalize yourself with a relaxing massage or rejuvenating facial from Zianna Wellness and ..Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Visit an Infrared Sauna

Did you know that saunas provide therapeutic benefits that will help rejuvenate your mind and body? At Zianna Wellness & Spa, we have our own custom, state-of-the-art infrared sauna that radiates heat attuned to your unique body and heat tolerance. This specialized experience works to provide many unique health benefits ..Continue Reading

Spa Etiquette 101: Tips for Your First Spa Experience

If you’ve never visited a spa before, your first experience might seem a little intimidating – as many new experiences may seem at first. But don’t let this keep you away from the rest and relaxation you deserve. At Zianna Wellness & Spa, we are dedicated to making your spa ..Continue Reading

Boost Your Body’s Immune System with a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Most often, people believe that massages are only meant for tranquility. While relaxation is one of the benefits associated with massage, there are also specialized massage treatments designed specifically for health and physical wellness. At Zianna Wellness and Spa, we offer lymphatic drainage massages to help you relax and heal. ..Continue Reading

Take a Break from Your Busy Work Schedule & Relax at Zianna Wellness & Spa

We get it – work can be hectic and crazy, especially as you approach the final quarter of the year. Kids are back in school, the holidays are coming, and end-of-the-year work deadlines are approaching. Find time for yourself to get away for a relaxing massage, without having to leave ..Continue Reading

5 Health Reasons to Visit a Spa

Many people think that going to a spa is just about relaxation. Certainly, that is a big part of the appeal. However, there are many other health and wellness benefits associated with spa treatments. Zianna Wellness brings a holistic approach to our massage and spa treatments, which will rejuvenate your ..Continue Reading

Calling All Teachers: Start the School Year Off with a Relaxing Massage

Tutoring sessions, after-school sporting events, and parent-teacher conferences: these are all signs that school is back in session. As a teacher, gearing up for a new school year can be a bit stressful, and coming back to the classroom after the summer can definitely be intense during the first month ..Continue Reading