couples massage

At Zianna Wellness and Spa, couples massages have become increasingly popular. Since massages revitalize your mind, body and spirit, why not share such a wonderful experience with your partner, spouse, best friend, family member or significant other?


Here are five reasons to schedule a couples massage at Zianna Wellness and Spa:


  1. Positive Feelings
    It’s no secret that massages will stimulate some of your body’s “feel good” centers. Hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are enhanced through touch therapy. Feelings of affection are naturally boosted, so both you and your partner will feel great and those positive feelings will be heightened—usually for days after the massage.


  1. Time to Reconnect
    Whether you come here with a friend, family member or significant other, a couples massage at Zianna will give you a chance to reconnect. We all lead busy lives and it can sometimes be difficult to find quality time together. A massage will release your tension and stress while you enjoy the experience with one another. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect and enjoy a special activity together.


  1. Relieves Stress
    We can’t “stress” enough how much a massage will relieve the tension of daily life. Why should only one half of your partnership be treated to that release? If both of you are feeling rejuvenated and stress-free after a couples massage, it will make for a better relationship. After a massage, we often have couples tell us how their communication has improved because they were able to let some of the built-up stress go away.


  1. True Relaxation
    Massages offer one of the truest feelings of relaxation. Imagine being pampered by expert massage therapists. Imagine it happening in a quiet, private room with soothing music. The tables will be closely positioned to let you enjoy the experience together, leaving you both feeling truly relaxed.


  1. A Bonding Experience
    Any experience you share together will increase your natural bond. Couples massages are a fantastic bonding experience that both people will really enjoy.


To learn more about the personalized couples massage packages available at Zianna Wellness and Spa or to book your next couples massage, call us today at (714) 921-3785.

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