When you first think of seaweed you probably think of the beach, and that mini heart attack you get when it touches foot while you’re swimming. Here at Zianna Wellness, we also think of that – let’s be real, that freaks us all out – but we also think of great skin!

Seaweed is filled with great nutrients and vitamins, and because seaweed’s versatile properties it’s great for any skin type and concern you may have. Here are 3 reasons why you should start to add seaweed to your skin care.

1. Acne/Oily

Seaweed is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it naturally reduces inflammation and provides a more even skin tone. It also increases circulation and cell metabolism. Because of seaweed’s natural healing properties, it not only keeps unwanted acne and toxins at bay but wrinkle as well! During our Deep Cleansing facial we customize a toning and refreshing facial for your individual skin type to eliminate impurities and congestion, and calm skin irritation from exposure to free radicals.


2. Dry and Dull

Because seaweed contains essential fatty acids, it not only infuses your skin with moisture but also prevents it from losing it in the first place. Our Soothing Red Algae Mask is our super moisturizing and calming mask. It’s filled with essential fatty acids and amino acids to nourish the skin. This mask will soothe the skin and reduce redness, while also purifying and even the skin tone.

If you’re looking for more of a radiant boost in dull, tired skin then the Skin Brightening Mask is what you need. The Skin Brightening Mask is packed with antioxidants to protect against environmental aging factors, improve skin texture, and decrease fine lines! It brightens and soothes the skin, eliminates toxins, moisturizes and promotes circulation for healthy, glowing skin.



3. Mature

As you may already know, antioxidants fight free radicals. Well, seaweed is packed with antioxidants! Antioxidants not only prevents signs of aging, but also is an anti-inflammatory (double the anti-inflammatory, double the good!), skin firming, and stimulates blood flow to scar tissue and damaged skin cells (sun damage). If you’re looking for plumper skin or prevent signs of aging our Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial is perfect for you! The Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial is the ideal defense against dehydrated, aging, and environmental damaged skin. This facial will strengthen the collagen matrix, scavenge free radicals, and rejuvenate and tone the skin.


Overall, seaweed soothes the skin, diminishes inflammation, fights toxins and brings back moisture to leave you with supple, healthier, and brighter skin. With their main ingredient being algae (seaweed), and the countless benefits and healing properties seaweed provides, there’s no question why we love and continue to choose Spa Technologies in our treatments. Call today to book your facial! Don’t know which facial to get? Enjoy a complimentary consultation for better, brighter, and healthier skin.


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